Friday, April 20, 2012

A beginning ..

Dear Dorothy

Well this trip started out on an interesting note. After checking my bag from
Bellingham to Seattle and being charged $20 by Alaska Airlines (For those of you mathematically challenged that is $.20 a mile) I arrived in Seattle around 7 p.m.

I moseyed down to the courtesy van stop and looked at the list of the hotels. My hotel reservation was in my email, but I was pretty sure I could remember the name of the hotel. It started with a "C". I knew that at least. I rang up the Clarion and got a ride to the hotel and said "Do you have a reservation for Macaw?" .. No. ............... Crap!

I booted up my 'puter and stole their Wi-Fi and got onto my email and found it was the Radisson. Radisson?? What The Heck ??. That doesn't start with a "C". I thanked the desk clerk and told him of my mistake and asked for him to call me a taxi. He said the courtesy van would give me a ride. WOW! Free Wi-Fi and a free ride. Clarion gets a gold star for service.

I got to the right room at the Radisson and on the desk is a card that says "Club Carlson. Welcome to a whole new world of hotel rewards" I KNEW there was a "C" word somewhere in my reservation.

So that was my first 6 hours of travel on this trip so far. Look for my next email from Australia when I get there.

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