Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ethiopia 2011 - Seatac Geocache

Dear Dorothy

At SeaTac airport waiting for the plane to Amsterdam. Two and a half hours to go. I did the time killing eat breakfast thing. Wandered through the shops. Somehow missed out on the full body grope by TSA. They just required the usual semi strip tease, without the tease. Then came the hardest part of the trip so far. Finding an electrical outlet. My choice was to wait for 20 minutes before this outlet was free or it sit under the wall mounted drinking fountain. I was afraid that the water dripped from the lips above would short out the computer so I opted for the wait instead.
Tiffany gave me a ride to the airport on Sunday to pick up the rental car. A pack o f cigarettes, a lighter and the words "Make good choices" and she was gone and I was officially on my trip.

I stopped in Seattle and had dinner with Chris at the local cafe. We had everything except the hummus from the starters menu. New cook, food not as good as when they first opened. New bookkeeper, portions smaller than when they first opened. But it was cheap enough (Chris bought) and it was nice to see Chris.

The Radisson Hotel was nice. It had down pillows, a bed that when you pressed the up arrow pumped something into the mattress and made it harder. I have a friend who had is prostrate removed and now has something like that in him, but that is for another time. I slept poorly. Either the pillows were too soft, or the room was too hot, or the room was too cold, or maybe I was just keyed up about the trip. Anyway I hope I can sleep n the plane to Amsterdam.

This a.m. I went town to put a bag in my car and have a cigarette. I was standing next to the plague pole where the ashtray was and looked at a nearby planter thinking to my self "I wonder how many people use the planter as an ashtray instead of the real ashtray" I noticed something under the leaves. It was shiny and roundish, "What an odd place for a geocache. Oh well I'll grab it get the number and log a find. Why not?" So I reach me little pinkies under the leaves and pull out a very beautiful glass pot pipe. Boy is the midnight desk clerk going to be pissed tonight, 'cuz I turned it in the the management.

So that's it for the past 24 hours.

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