Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where in the world ..... ???

Where to go ?

Dear Dorothy

Now what ? Now where ? Do I put aside certain prejudices I have for certain countries and miss out on potentially great opportunities ? Do I stick to my feelings and prove to myself that I am not just another opportunistic tourist hunting for that next notch on my travel gun butt ?

Iran - I hate their current politics. I still simmer over the taking of our embassy over 30 years ago. Besides their current policy to U.S. Citizen tourists is no independent travel.

Vietnam - fifty-five thousand lost lives and that was just my country's losses. Not counting the losses on the Vietnamese nationals and the French before us. BUT, they have forgiven us and moved on, why can't I ?

Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Syria - I want to go back, but it is too unstable at the moment.

Yemen - Never been there, but the risk is too great.

Lybia - I guess you can't judge an entire country over one wacko ruler. Now that he is gone, it might be worth thinking about maybe along with Tunisia.

Cambodia - Angkor Wat, world heritage site. What else ?

Thailand - Would have to double up that with Cambodia. But to quote a friend "For you it is not exotic enough. Everyone goes there." I don't know enough about Thai or Asian culture to really enjoy the cities. I'm not looking for sex. I do love the food though.

Uganda - Home of Idi Amin, Entebbe airport and the mountain gorillas. Is sitting near those giant apes for an hour worth it ? Are there enough other sights and smells to keep me form getting bored and can I do it mostly on my own?

Zambia - Loved Victoria Falls. Loved the "camp" at Toka Leya. Would I love it at a different hotel that allowed me to have more freedom to explore ? Probably. Would it be nice to get pampered again ? Would it cost me $500 a day in another hotel ? I would love to canoe the lower Zambezi, but logistics getting there seem difficult for a solo traveler. There Has to be a way.

Zimbabwe - I would love to see the Hwange national park when the water is low. That I fear is forcing me to consider going with the all inclusive Davison's camp run by Wilderness Safaris again. There just doesn't seem to be anyway around an all inclusive in Hwange, so it might as well be Wilderness safaris.

South America - Parrots !!! Parrots require a guided tour ? Maybe. Something to think about.

Scarlet Macaws in flight
Europe - I'll do that when I'm old.

Eastern Europe - Images of cold and cabbage is what I envision. I'm probably wrong about both.

Israel - I don't approve of their expansion policies. I don't approve of their marginalizing and excluding the Palestinians. I love the culture, but not enough to put aside their government's policies. Besides, then I could never go back to Syria..

Cuba - That intrigues me. MY government won't let me.

Australia - Except for kangaroos, koalas, and platypus it sounds very empty.

Where should I look at next ??

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