Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nikon's back !!!!

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Wednesday – December 10 2014 – Bangkok

It's like 90 degrees out and bright sun, so much sun you almost need sunglasses, and there are Christmas carols playing on the sound system. That and the little blue and white metallic Christmas trees on the able signify it must be the Christmas season even here at the Bangkok Park Plaza.

Yesterday was an absolutely nothing day. Just hung out in my room except for the occasional foray to the watering hole and a crust of bread. Headache and really low energy.

I was pretty sure that the doctor in Bangladesh did everything he could for me but he was really hampered because of the lack of facilities. So I tried to email my doctor in the states. Guess what? You can't! Oh you can find their office hours, you can find their phone numbers, you can find their elementary school, but can you find an email address for them or their office ? No way Jose.

Finally I asked a good friend to call the flipping doctor's office and get their email. Reluctantly, very reluctantly it sounded, the office manager agreed that if I emailed her she would email me back the doctor's response. Kind of like Noah, no Moses ! Relaying God's commandments to the people. And what came from Mount Sinai ? Something like – Hey ! Sorry you got a boo boo. If your tummy isn't upset you won't need to take one of the pills the doctor prescribed. Have a good trip ! - I really kind of expected more, like 'If this, then this.', 'Watch for this' or 'Avoid this' Doctor Happy and I are going to have a 'chat' when I get back.

If I didn't have a friend who was persistent and shoveled through the crap I would never have gotten that far. THANK YOU TIFF !

So after 16 hours in bed, twelve asleep I woke with a sinus headache on top of the head headache. Either that or it's a cerebral hemotoma. After doing the sinus headache ritual that I know pretty well I'm feeling pretty darned good. Still a slight memory of the fall, but all in all I might move on tomorrow to different pastures, but those pastures will not be in Bangladesh.

I ,made a short jaunt into the nearby shopping center. A huge multi level to all things consumable. The information kiosk was a huge touch screen affair. I typed in CAMERA and it said there was a camera hut on the bottom floor. Of course once I got there it had turned into a discount luggage shop. I looked over and saw the Samsung phone store and asked if there was a camera shop in the center, she told me there was one on the 6th floor. Now that sounds easy right? Of course not. The floors aren't numbered, no not in Terminal 21. In Terminal 21 the floors are not numbered but named for major airline destinations. Rome, London, Dubai … I didn't know if the bottom floor was one or if it was sub basement number 2 or what. I rode escalators for a while and asked if this was floor six and got the “What are you stupid?” look with a finger pointing up from a shop keeper.

On the way up on the next escalator I noticed that imprinted on the escalator step plate a number 4. Well at least I had a better idea now. At the top floor was a big movie multiplex, and I was afraid Miss Samsung m9isunderstood me until I turned and there was a real camera store. They sold Canon, and Nikon. I had found paradise on the sixth floor. I walked in handed the pieces to the guy and looked a “Can you fix this, please?” He took the pieces, snapped the battery cover back in place, good as new. I was shocked, he then went on to tell me it was supposed to be removable to add a larger power pack. The cost of his knowledge and expertise? Zero. Thank you, thank you VERY much.

Next stop the 7 Eleven at the building across the street where I stepped inside and found the holy grail of the Pacific Northwest. The wonderful mermaid of Starbucks with her fins spread wide and inviting. Grande Americano, no room please. 7 Eleven became a faded afterthought.

The rest of the day was just taking it slow and easy in the hotel.

December 11th 2014 - Siem Reap, Cambodia

This morning I checked out and caught the 2 pm flight to Siem Reap. Home of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The flight was one of those short hops where as soon as you reach altitude you start descending. The visa process was pretty simple, certainly not the three hour ordeal it was on the bus last time. I was lucky to have photos left over from my failed attempt at a Myanmar visa so it was just hand over the paperwork, photo some cash and off to immigration. Where the lines were poorly marked and the deadbeat officers couldn't even raise a finger to indicate they might, just might be willing to do some work this decade. They were quick to tell you, you were in the wrong lane, but not the right lane.

Well guess what ? I made it through. Now back at the hotel I stayed at before. Got upgraded to the top floor with a big balcony overlooking the pool. 'Which is where I am now with a frosty, quickly turning tepid Angkor beer.

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