Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I wonder what this button does ?

Thursday November 9th 2017
9:30 am, Bangkok

Sorry no pictures yet

Somewhere between there and here November 8th disappeared. I think I saw it fly under us yesterday someplace between Alaska and Japan. It was an unusual flight for me, It never got dark. The sun was visible the entire trip between Seattle and Tokyo. At one point the heat from the sun on the aircraft was so intense I was having hot flashes. I kept asking myself “Did you take your pill, yesterday?”. Knowing full well that I did.

The flight from Seattle to Tokyo was the first time I have ever flown on Boeing’s 787. The call it the Dream liner and I do believe it lives up to it’s name. The seating configuration is the same cattle class as any other cattle class in any other airline. The windows are huge in relation to other aircraft, at least twice the size as the 727. Instead of having a pull down window shade that blocks all view from the window. Below the window is a up down button. Press the button down and it incrementally darkens the window until the view in bright sunlight looks like a full moon lit night. I loved it, now I can look out the window and help to pilot fly the plane as my seatmates can still watch reruns of Knight Rider.

The 10 hour flight of course necessitated a trip or two to the loo. One of the three toilets available to us was mansion size. I have often wondered how two people could join the Mile High Club in an aircraft toilet. The are generally barely big enough for one person, much less two. This one could have handled a threesome. Saving time for everyone involved.

The actual throne was as expected, except for some buttons off to the side. Two with red or brown icons showing one and two sprays aimed at the back of a seated pelvis. One blue one aimed at the front of this seated pelvis. It was a button, I had to push it. Nothing happened, then my nether regions were squirted with warm water. That was pretty nice, actually very nice. It kept going, and going. Certainly more than I expected. Uh … how do yo turn it off? It was nice but enough is enough. What do I do if it doesn’t turn off? Stand up quickly and slam the toilet cover down and wait for the scream form the next passenger? Maybe I’ll just sit there fr the rest of the flight. About the time I started to really panic the water stopped and everything was Jake. This entire experience took perhaps 30 to 40 seconds. Fortunately I didn’t need too try either of the other two buttons.

I generally carry 4 to 6 $5.00 Starbucks cards to give to the cabin crew. I don’’t do this for any particular reason except to see what happens. Well maybe when they drag me off the overbooked plane they wont bump my head too many times as they pull me down the aisle. But other than that it s more just an experiment. The last time was a short trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday. The crew was overjoyed. I mean I was embarrassed. Each of the cabin crew came by to thank us and even the flight crew. Heck we even got little plastic kiddie wings to make us honorary pilots. Then we were asked to deplane last where the pilot and co-pilot offered us a chance to sit on the flight deck while at the gate. That was special. The return flight I did the same thing to a different crew and they were accepted with the same “Thank you” as if I had handed her an air sick bag. Maybe Karma got worn out on the first flight.

This flight being a Japanese flight I made certain to make it pretty. I handed the card to the flight attn dent in my area and she graciously took it. Perhaps an hour into the flight she came back and returned the envelope to me. I tried to explain that it was her and the crew’s but she wasn’t having it. Okay, so it goes. About hour 8 she came back and handed me a small wrapped bag and a note. The note in essence said that the were not allowed to take anything from the passengers due to Japanese Customs but they appreciated it and brought a smile to them.

The movie choices were less than ideal for me, 4 different languages of Planet Of The Apes and three for Transformers. Plus Pretty Woman and Grand Tourino. If I had a vocabulary other than English maybe I would have had more selections.

Tokyo was Tokyo. Re screen for their version of TSA, walk forever to the next gate and wait. Get on the plane for six hours of medieval iron maiden torture and finally Bangkok. Another walk through Immigration, and a bit of chanting that my luggage actually made it to the same place I was. It did! Yay !! It was totally unzipped and only held closed by two plastic snap buckles. Boo !! I did a quick inventory and everything seems intact and the zipper was repairable still, I with the thief or TSA would have used the zipper and not just jammed a pen between the teeth of the zipper to gain access.

Outside a metered taxi and a slight confusion to my destination and from wheels down to head on pillow was about an hour and a half. Really not bad at all. Almost exactly 24 hours from Welcome to ANA bow to bed, I’ve had worse.

Five and a half hours f sleep and slow starting day put my at breakfast around 8 am. Today I have no plans at all. None. Maybe dinner, but that is about it. Maybe catch the sky train to a mall and wander, but it is a nap and relax day.

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