Friday, April 26, 2019

Don't expect much after this (no photos)

Lima – April 25th 2019 – Early evening

I have a couple days yet in Peru. It is not long enough to really go anywhere and I didn't want to stay where I was, so I'm back in Lima. The city is known for it's great food and I expect to take advantage of that, but as far as adventures, I wouldn't count on any. Let's hope there is something worthy of your time, but .. what could go wrong ?

I rode a bus today. It was a long ride. I got a taxi from the bus terminal to my hotel. The room is huge. The End.

The guy next to me yelled at his phone for about 2 out of the 4+ hour trip. I don’t know if he was saying – No! Don’t cut the yellow wire – or – No, Babe, you sister and I never – or – Listen! Either pay it or she dies – or – Rent? I thought that game was a sure thing! Whatever it was he was pretty aggravated.

So some miscellaneous stuff.

Mom to teenage son after plane landed
She: What did you think about the Nazca Lines?
He: Eh. Okay I guess.
Me: Laughing!

On a river boat in Amazonia
She: Rabbits make that much noise?
He: No. He said the noise was coming from the rapids.

You may think that my math was off when I said $20 a minute over the Nazca lines. $200, 20 minutes, each side of the aircraft gets a look. Twenty bucks a minute.

I ate again at the hotel’s restaurant last night. Reviewed the Fettuccine with Beef Heart that was on the menu. Turns out the protein was Duck (like Huey, Dewey and Louie). I ordered it and loved it, once I knew it wasn’t cow heart.

The best I could come up with, for the housekeeper and the towel animals. I took the Elephant she made, put it on the desk, made a trail with the flowers she left to under the Elephant’s bottom and placed a stack (150% more than normal) of coins there. I really hope she sees the humor and is not offended.

The last hotel, you had to give your room number on leaving and returning. I thought it was for security. It was, for the hotel! I had to show a paid in full card to get off the premises today.

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