Sunday, April 21, 2019

The dreaded bug. No pictures in this post

Lima – Easter Sunday – April 21 2019

This entry was supposed to be woke up, boarded a plane, checked into the Radisson, ate dinner, went to bed. Haha funny girl.

At the new hotel, I really didn’t want to tackle either going up a hill to find dinner or uphill to get back to the hotel afterward. So I had a nice Club Sandwich at the hotel (this if my goto sandwich when traveling, always the same basic sandwich with a local twist) and a Coke while I wrote yesterday’s entry.

Went back up to the room, I had to be up and going by 5am so just hung out in the room. Tried to watch some TV. But except for BBC news, wouldn’t you know it, they were again using this exotic secret language they use here. Watching an old Walking Dead, must have originally been the Japanese version, ten dubbed into this lost form of communication. Because people’s lips would move and then the sound would come out. The BBC news wanted to cover places other than the USA. Don’t they know that is the only news that matters? Everybody needs to know about the boy who became lost in the woods and was found by a local raccoon. I gave up and shut the TV off.

I had a few movies on my computer and watched one until my batteries died. It was close to 9pm, as good a time as any too call it a night.

–--- Skip until the next –---

Around 130am (126 to be exact) nature called and it was not an old Jim Carey movie. It was about the right for normal stuff, bu there was an inkling of something that only happens in the morning after coffee. Okay, I’ll go with it (no pun intended). Back to bed. For 5 minutes. Repeat for an hour and a half. Finally I started tossing clothes and plastic bags into the air as I searched for something. The Imodium and the Cipro got lost along the way this trip. I know where, but by the time I realized it, it was too late. I found some Pepto Bismol, and then used my iPhone to take pictures of the label so I could swipe them bigger and read what the microscopic directions said. The directions included the dreaded D word, so I gobbled the recommended dosage and was able to get some sleep.

This was a plane day, so I scarfed down a couple more and checked out. Of the hotel. Gawd I needed a cup of coffee, bu we all know what coffee is known for after the caffeine rush.

Arrived in Lima and a real raging bitch with the desk clerk. (I did grovel and apologize later) And I really don’t have a good excuse for my actions. Hours later it happened again. The internet says if it happens for three or more days to get concerned. I was concerned at 3 hours!! Is that 72 hours, or 2 plus midnights ? I assume Cipro is OTC here, so at least there is not that worry.

–-- You can resume reading now –---

The hotel called for a taxi and a Lexus showed up. Oh, dear there goes the mortgage, two and a half bucks. Given that an apartment can be rented for $75 a month, I guess it is a fair price.

Since it was Easter Sunday and I made a late reservation the plane ticket was US prices and then there was the baggage fee. She sent me to a desk to pay, the price quoted in USD, I said I’d pay in local currency. I dropped a bill on the counter and she had to pull out her calculator to convert USD to PEN than she had to go all over the place to find change. What a cluster ….
I saw a coffee shop and the line looked like they were selling billion dollar Power Ball tickets. I decided to pass and let the world put up with me without coffee. They boarded the airplane efficiently 3 lines, window first, center next and finally aisle. That was smart. I always get a window seat, who else is going to help the pilot to fly this modern marvel? At least it wasn’t the middle seat. Luckily the pilots didn’t need my help this trip, as we landed safely.

Easter Sunday morning, the traffic was light and we made it to the hotel in record time. I as way, way early for check in, and knew the room wouldn’t be available and was still a snot to the desk clerk. Guess I should have had that coffee after all.

I went for a walk down to the dog park coffee and Crepe beach overlook from my first entry this trip. Got coffee and a caramel, banana crepe and watched to surfers. You have already seen pictures from this spot, so if you need visual stimuli go back to that entry.

I sat in the park and watched, people, birds and surfers until close to noon and figured the hotel would have a room clean b then. They did. I went through my bag looking to some medicine, that I knew I had left behind at a hotel. Then repacked the suitcases. Enough for 3 or 4 days in the desert, and leave the big clunky suitcase in the hotels safe keeping. I’m leaving tomorrow by a 4 hour bus ride to the town called Ica.

A nap to make up for having to gt up early and that is the current situation.

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