Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Great Gassby

Sunday April 7th 2019 Seattle – 445 am (no pictures)

No sitting in the boarding area for the first leg of the trip, Seattle to Atlanta. Not much drama, except everybody at 4 am seems to be grumpy, but they could just be reflecting me. There was absolutely no one at check in for the Delta counter and even before I got to her, she was demanding identification and boarding pass. Good Good lady, it isn’t like there is a multitude of the starving masses behind me. It’s just you and me. She efficiently made me check luggage disappear into the depths of Hades, hopefully to be reborn anew in Peru.

The main TSA check point was closed and so a hike down to the next one. The line was crazy and getting crazier. I waited in line 15 minutes, before I go to the official start of the line. The temporary corral kept getting extended further and further band me. Finally I got to the start of the permanent TSA line and checked my ticket. I had TSA Pre-Check ! Gawk ! Another walk back trough the temporary human maze and a trek even further north (mind you my airplane is supposed to be at the South terminal) to the TSA Per-Check. I think the guy who checked my documents must have been in mourning, for his mother and dog who died recently. I had to nearly beg him to tell me if I needed to remove my shoes or not. I slipped safely through the gauntlet of radiation machines and personal inspection and then had to walk back to the south gate. Felt like I was walking to Atlanta and not flying.

All is now good. The flight is totally fully booked. There is not a single seat available. The are asking for volunteers, a $400 voucher, then they upped it to $600. I’d certainly think about it if I was going home, but the flight the are offering gets into Atlanta after, my flight to Peru, so I am still on schedule.

In Atlanta several hours later. Delta has a class called Delta Comfort. It is not that much e special, a slight bit more ass kissing, but it is basically Cattle Class with a few extra inches of leg room. As usual I opted fr a window seat. I get to help the pilot fly and it gives me some leaning room if I need it. This time I needed it, maybe a seat on the wing would have been better. My middle seat companion was a 300 + pounder. This guy was what you think of when you think obese. How he got the seat belt on is still a mystery. I surrendered he arm rest to him and he still encroached on my seat. Then he Man Spread. Knees wide apart to give The Boys some breathing room. All the time my Girls (well my left one) was getting Triceps kissed by his arm. I scooted over as far as possible and it just wasn’t enough. Then about half way through the flight he became a Human bio-hazard. I don’t know what he had been eating but, it must have been road kill. My grandfather’s experiences in World War One didn’t hold a candle to this guy. I wished I had a candle or a match, but it probably would have it his farts and blown us out of the sky.

We did arrive in Atlanta, and even made it a little ahead of time. I had searched for the best restaurant at ATL before leaving and One Flew South was highlighted. It said that people come from all over the world to eat there. Well, Duh ! It is in the International concourse in an airport, of course people from all over the world go there to eat. I gave it a try and it lives up to the hype. A innovative menu and ell prepared ingredients I had a Duck Comfit sandwich with slaw the sandwich was outstanding. The slaw is generally an afterthought, this slaw could have been a main by itself.

Now I sit t the gate have about an hour more to go before boarding. If I get seated with that same guy on this flight, I’m going to lock myself in the bathroom. At least I know what to expect here.

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