Monday, April 15, 2019

Alot about a little

Wednesday April 10 2019 – 7 pm – Someplace in the Amazon jungle

Sorry to tell you, Dorothy, but I have been seeing other birds. I saw several today and deep down in your DNA they are your relatives. There were three wending their way across the river, they were too high to photograph, so I guess if there isn’t digital it didn’t happen. So forget the previous few sentences.

It was a long day of not too much. Travel, travel – rinse and repeat. Taxi, big bus, airplane, small bus and finally over three hours on a boat. You have read the routine before, check out of the hotel, get to the airport. Find you misspelled name in some guy’s and follow him to your next piece of transportation and finally arrive at your night’s lodging.

There really isn’t much to say, before the river. No fat farters next to me on the plane. I did try the local soft drink, Inca Cola. It is a bright yellow with bubbles. Tastes like Double Bubble chewing gum with a hint lemon or lime in the background. It sounds worse than it is, I was expecting to be overpowered by sugar and as happy to find myself wrong.

The plane landed and I found the right guy and found myself on a bus with twenty other people. Then to the boat with a few more and we were off to our night’s rest. Along the way we passed various birds, a huge rat like create called a Capibura (sp?) and some Camen (mini alligators). A saw a couple Macaws over head but was too slow on the camera draw to capture an image of them. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better Macaw day.

The resort is an Eco-lodge which means the lighting is dim. The shampoos are weird. At least he water isn’t rationed. My room is a movie set. Not that is is plush or anything, what I mean is that there is no 4th wall. Three walls and then jungle. I was told if you on a movie set you seldom will see a ceiling, to hold the lights. Well my room also doesn’t have a ceiling. There is a roof but no ceiling. It is so open you can hear the people in the next room snore and I assume more.

I am tired, so off to thee room for a shower and bed at 9pm, a 4:45 call to get to the boat to see the clay lick tomorrow.

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