Wednesday, February 19, 2020

All roads lead to Rome

Wednesday February 19th 2020
Rome, Italy

It has been about 24 hours since I last saw a bed. I am not complaining though. There have been times when I had spent 2 hours just on planes to get to my destination.

I let home on Monday afternoon to catch the bus to SeaTac and spend the night. I like being able to get up and not go into a tizzy about traffic through Seattle, not to mention the additional 2 hours driving time and the cost of long term parking. Figure in gas and parking and the cost difference isn’t that great. One of the few times solo travel doesn’t come with a single surcharge.

The bus was brand spanking new. It still had that new bus smell, which is totally not the same as a new car smell. The driver made good time and we hit downtown Seattle right at sundown. Got a semi nice golden hour Space Needle picture on the phone. No drama with the hotel or getting to the airline in he morning.

The waiting area’s air wafted by with that distinctly singular smell of curry. I was kind of baffled why 50% o the travelers to Paris had roots in India. Then I remembered that when I went to and from Mumbai they used Paris as the hub. I checked the seating assignment on the Delta app and saw that the seat next to me was empty ! Thank you airplane gods. Then I made a grave error just before boarding and checked it again. I think one of those standby low life’s snatched my primo seat. I guess I shouldn’t whine too much it was a two sea row, not three. So when he aisle called I only had to step over one person. I almost always give the flight attendants 4 or 5 five dollar Starbucks cards. Just to see what happens. On one trip to Paris I got a bottle of wine from first class and slippers. Once Chris and were invited into the cockpit after we landed. One time I had the feeling the FA would have rather been handed a dirty adult diaper. A thank you note from the crew is what generally comes, this time a few stopped by to say thank you and one handed me a large handful or mini candy bars.

The only picture I got of France was a smoke stack across the runway. It doesn’t look anything like the Eiffel Tower.

Got to Rome and realized I hate the suitcase I borrowed. It is one of those 4 wheeled jobbies. Going through a pool table smooth airport it works wonders. Get on the rough tough like a Eur peon sidewalk it is like pulling one of the pyramids down the street. The wheels are just too small. I’m not sure what I’m a gonna do.

The train got me from Rome’s airport quickly to downtown. Then the fun began. Taxi ! You cant stick your hand out an an empty taxi stops. Oh, no you have to go to a designated taxi stand, and they aren’t all that obvious.

It is now a little after five pm, I am tired. Think I’ll close for now. Dead Romans on the sightseeing tomorrow.

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