Burma Pix

Woman praying at world's largest library

Men pounding gold into gold foil

Monks preparing for breakfast

Man and woman herding ducks

Boys and young men polishing jade

Men (only) applying gold foil to Buddha. I assume the five humps in the middle bottom are his fingers and would have been smooth when the statue was created. The lumpy part is added gold.

The only temple not damaged in 1975 Bagan earthquake

A Bagan temple

A Bagan temple

Carving inside temple

A Bagan temple

View from the top of a temple late afternoon

Sunset over Bagan

Trishaw about the only means of transportation I missed a ride on this trip

City market Bagan

Barbershop at Bagan market

Sunrise over Bagan

Balloons at sunrise

Who is teaching who ?

Lake Inle village

Going to the market

Lake Inle village



River to the ocean

Early morning Bay of Bengal

Bugs !

Waiting for today's catch

Myanmar's largest and most important temple, Yangon

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